AEGIS Boost Pod Modules Review – How AEGIS Battery Holds Its Own Against Other Industry competitors

aegis boost pod mod

A new addition to the vapor marketplace, the aegis boost Pod Mod is a great electronic solution for a variety of vapers. The company is primarily well known for their award winning and flavorful gums. The aegis boost pod mod has a built in rechargeable battery, much like the newer model of portable vapers. Just like the more expensive models, the AEGIS Boost Pod Mod also comes with a three-year warranty.

The AEGis Boost Pod Mod features a unique electronic heating system that not only heats the product to the proper temperature but also vaporizes it rapidly. There’s no need for a warming plate or any other additional device. Just simply plug in, turn on, and enjoy your vaporizer experience. The aegis boost pod mod is actually a smaller version of the larger AEGIS vaporizer that can be used in a number of different ways including dripping or normal vaping.

The geekvape aegis series features a compact design and a number of customizable options. For instance, the aegis series allows a user to change the output power from a low setting to a high setting. This means that a low wattage can be used while a stronger output power is available. In a sense, this allows a person to get a higher quality experience from a lower wattage unit. The result is a more flavorful and satisfying vapor.

There are a number of different models of the aegis vaporizer series. The first is the vandy vandyiever. This model is almost identical to the original aegis, save for a couple of extra features. The vandy vandyiever has a stainless steel body and a replaceable glass window. It is available in two different power settings, a low or a high setting.

The aegis boost pod mod comes with an adjustable airflow dial. The airflow dial allows a user to choose a slow, medium, or fast airflow. Some models allow the aegis boost pod mod to be completely modifiable, while most of the models included a system that offers a one-touch button. To change the settings, a person must remove the battery and take out the battery cap, which is usually sold separately.

The vandy aegis boost pod mod has a built-in battery life indicator. When the unit is powered on and plugged in, a LED light glows green to let a user know the battery life. When the light turns red, the unit is in standby mode, which enables it to last for up to three hours without being powered on.

The vandy aegis boost pod mod has a built-in pulse sensor. When the unit is unplugged, a warning light goes on to alert the user. When the light flashes, a user is alerted that the power to the unit is running low. The light also turns red when a battery is completely charged. There is a charging port on the bottom of the unit, which can be used to charge the phone using the micro, USB cable. Some users like to place their PDA on a charger pad while they are away from home to ensure a fully charged phone when they return.

Aegis also bundles a programmable chip with each aegis boost pod mod. The chip contains a variety of options, depending on the model in the mod. It can vary options such as turning off Bluetooth, turning off GPS, or changing the display text. This gives a user a lot of flexibility and makes controlling a PDA much easier. Users can also choose which programs they want to run on their AEGIS Boost Pods and have aegis send a code to their cell phone to turn it on.

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