Comparison – AEGIS and Mech Mod Airsoft Rifles

mech mod

The newly released Megasoma from Tencent is called the AEGIS Boost. It is a unique and innovative concept in the present world of AEGIS or Automatic Air-ggle Guns. The company that created it, Tencent, is based in China. So, it is understandable why the product was named Megasoma.

The timesvape Hogs is a high-tech, one-of-a kind Mechanism mod which functions with either a 16, 17 or 21 cell lithium polymer battery. It’s the brainchild of a team of metal Vapor Wave and audio visual experts who joined forces to come up with a concept that would not only revolutionize the present but would also be a sign of a new age in AEGIS or electronic cigarette technology. This mod also features a proprietary charging system which uses AC/DC power. Along with the aforementioned exclusive features, the company claims that the Hogs will give superior performance than any other mod currently on the market and is equipped with a powerful automatic firing system that can pump out continuous clouds of vapor.

Unlike the AEGIS or Mech mod, the timesvape Hogs Mechanical Mod actually allows you to upgrade its power through the use of a microprocessor. But the real difference here is that the Hogs can fire two times faster than the average AEGIS orMech. This is because it is fully compliant with the new regulation 2700 times and is able to release eighteen ounces of compressed air per second.

This means that this is basically a superior variant of your average AEGIS orMech. The only disadvantage with it is that you will need a single extra battery to power the mod on a full blast. On top of that, the timesvape Hogs uses a standard A/C battery to operate. It has been designed to work on a single battery but you can add more as you like. You can also purchase the battery separately to extend the battery longevity of your Mech mod.

To complement the superior performance of its mechanism, the timesvape Hogs utilizes a sturdy heavy duty stainless steel spring for constant high powered pumping. This is very important especially if you intend to use it for extended periods of time since it must be able to keep pumping even under heavy load for your desired effects. The strong spring also ensures that there is no possibility of losing air while using the Hogs, a major worry for many users of AEGIS or Mech mod.

Another difference between the AEGIS and the timesvape Hogs is their choice of battery type. While the latter utilizes a standard A/C battery in its base, the former utilizes a revolutionary new variable wattage system. With the variable wattage system, the AEGIS and theMech Mod allow users to use both powerful A/C batteries and tiny micro-batteries for extreme modifications. Because both of these battery types are powerful enough to run the mechanical mod, the user does not have to replace them unless they completely run out of power, which is not a problem for most users.

The mechanical mod comes with a fully programmable and user-friendly display screen. The user can customize the mod by adding new programs such as a ring light, a side light, a laser pointer and even a digital camera if they wish. The screen is fully adjustable to provide a very ergonomic and comfortable viewing experience, something that the AEGIS and the timesvape Hogs do not have.

Other setup features include a programmable key lock system, an included battery charger, a durable carrying case, a triple barrel spinwheel for optimal performance, and a stainless steel back plate for a clean look. The boost kit for the much Mod is included for users who wish to use the mod on a single A/C battery. Users who prefer to use multiple batteries can add additional batteries in the boost kit and swap them out as needed. The box mod is a compact device and perfect for users who like to stay prepared and on top of their game.

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