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How Much Does COVID-19 Affect Vape?

According to data from the Industry Electronic Commerce Committee vape in China, the epidemic vape industry at home and abroad degree, the opportunities and challenges of the different faces:

China: China is vape production base in the world and accessories account for 95% of global share IJOY vape. The US and the UK are the first and the second largest consumer in the world and the main consumers of China Asmodus vape vape mods. Vape domestic companies again in late February, and works primarily work again at full capacity in March. made during the epidemic, the demand for orders from abroad was strong, and the value of exports from January to April was estimated at 10 billion yuan, the same as in the same period in 2019, and the rapid growth in April. At the same time, increase many national vape business investment, including product research and development investments and equipment and strengthened in order to improve their own captain IJOY force in the “special period”. We believe that this means that practitioners are optimistic about the future development of the industry.

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USA: IJOY Neptune The United States is the largest consumer market in the world steam more than 50% of the total share.IJOY Mercury vape is the wing of the global industry and vape most affected in the market for industrial. According to the impact of the epidemic exchange technology Industry Association (VTA) vape began in mid-March. The first is to prevent the slowing of imports, products distributor shipping. Of the 43 states that “stay at home”, set up to the restriction order, only 10 States retail stores Vape is still open, and 3 states that the delivery of the border Eleaf vape road. But it is also difficult to their own products for these transactions. to support e-liquid manufacturer in the United States and its lines of disinfectant for the hands, transformed the fight against the epidemic. In June, almost all states have their activities resumed, and that is not open some regions again. It should at the request of the captain IJOY 2 Mod, Time PMTA FDA for vape companies are that found must have been 12 May 2020 extended to 9 September 2020, for business vape the time of the global market in the United States open to To buy. Currently (the parent Smolar companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange) major Chinese companies as vape McWell and relx prepared for PMTA.

United Kingdom: The United Kingdom is the country vape support in the world and vape the second largest country in China’s exports. According to the UK Vape IJOY Mystique tank Industry Association (UKVIA), there are currently more than 3,000 stores Vape UK, an increase of 10% over the previous year. UK retail business vape storage offer services from 24 in mid-June and suspended in March reopened. Overall, total sales increased by 30% to 60% with sales of Vape open products fell by 60%, but because many businesses Sales related management and distribution services IJOY diamonds provided, online sales increased by 1500%. because of subsidies and the government looked to increase this corporate earnings despite lower sales. UKVIA estimated damage to the UK supply chain for the epidemic mainly from China must be ensured due to insufficient supply what they need sensitized with China a stable and secure supply chain.

Europe: According to the European Vape Association (IEVA) due to the epidemic, vape branches in Germany and most European Union countries to close necessary since March, and they did not open until mid-May IJOY Mercury Vape Pod System . During the epidemic due to the effects of vape sales, wholesalers and factories pressure were faced with inventory backlog and cash flow; Vape the exhibition in the same period was also canceled. At the same time, due to the strict hygiene standards and rising freight cos Government YOOZ Vape

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