Is vape a real cigarette?

Is Vape a real cigarette?

Many people have been controversial. Although electronic cigarettes are also called “smoke”, they are a steam product. Different electronic cigarettes are divided into many different types because of the different principles and materials of smoke. The flight co-pilot caused an unsafe incident due to misuse of electronic cigarettes, which pushed the issue of electronic cigarettes to the top of public opinion. Recently, subway passengers have disputes with discouragers about smoking e-cigarettes, which has once again sparked discussions about whether they can smoke e-cigarettes in public places. After the subway dispute, the Tobacco Control Association made it clear that the popular electronic cigarettes will also release harmful second-hand smoke. Smoking should be banned in public places and plans to promote the inclusion of electronic cigarettes in the scope of tobacco control.

   Previously, the World Health Organization had clearly pointed out that electronic cigarettes are harmful to public health. Although e-cigarettes are dressed in harmless coats and under the guise of high technology, they have even developed a popular culture of smoke modeling, but the essence and harmful components of the smoke have not changed. In short, e-cigarettes are also cigarettes, which are also harmful to people, not to mention the “transition of smoking cessation” means that some businesses advertise. They must be strengthened to control them, especially to prevent young people and non-smokers from causing harm.

At the same time, there are still many deviations in the understanding of e-cigarettes, and many businesses are also keen to play signs such as “quit smoking transition” or “e-cigarette harmless” to promote e-cigarettes. If the wrong understanding about e-cigarettes cannot be corrected, then incorporating e-cigarettes into the scope of tobacco control will inevitably encounter many physical and intangible constraints. Due to the misunderstanding, the parties may still feel innocent, and even think that the consumption of electronic cigarettes has embodied social responsibility and public morals. Therefore, regarding the nature of e-cigarettes, whether it is harmful to health and other related knowledge popularization work should also be started as early as possible.

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