Vape tax will boost sales of traditional cigarettes

According to a report on February 17, Vapingpost reported that as the coronavirus epidemic continues to paralyze the Chinese economy, Vape in the United States and the world is facing the threat of shortage. Thunderhead Creations At the same time, a new study of US sales data shows that high taxes on steam products are forcing former smokers to re-use harmful tobacco, as harm reduction advocates have warned for years. However, for legislators, this does not seem to matter because they continue to promote taxation and prohibit the use of increasingly dishonest methods.

As the coronavirus hits Chinese factories, people are worried about the shortage of Vape

Vape manufacturers and importers in the United States have warned that stores may face months of shortages due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although the disease has now been found in many countries, it first appeared in China, Aspire Nautilus and the vast majority of cases are still in that country. Unfortunately, most of the Vape hardware also comes from China-the disease, combined with the government’s efforts to control its spread, led to the collapse of manufacturing and exports.

Since late January, the Chinese regime has imposed blockades on dozens of cities, forcing factories to close for two weeks. These restrictions are now being relaxed, but local authorities in many areas are still implementing their own blockade measures Dreamer Mods. At least one business owner was arrested for trying to reopen factories, and many businesses are still closed. Because the movement ban disrupts transportation, even those companies that are re-operating often find it difficult to ship their goods to distributors.

Scott Alwine, manager of the wholesaler VapeBeast, said that importers expect that the shortage of coils and other hardware will begin in late February because of insufficient existing stocks. Ijoy Shogun This situation will continue until March or even April.

Major research finds that Vape tax can boost cigarette sales

A study funded by the National Institutes of Health found that for politicians who demand higher taxes on vapor products, this is very bad news. They are increasing cigarette sales.

This new study was conducted by researchers from six universities in the United States under the guidance of NIH. The main focus of the study was sales data from approximately 35,000 stores in the United States, studied the sales of vapor products and traditional cigarettes, and mapped them for tax changes.

The result is that for every 10% increase in Vape’s retail price (including any taxes), sales will fall by 26%. This is the stated goal of most Vape taxes and is usually proposed in a way that prevents people from using Vape. However, Vivismoke Gentle the data also showed that in addition to the decline in Vape sales, cigarette sales also increased by 11%. In other words, higher taxes push smokers back into smoking areas.

Michael Pesko, an economist at Georgia State University, said: “We estimate that for each Vape ammunition that is no longer purchased due to the Vape tax, an additional 6.2 packs of cigarettes will be purchased. In this case, the Vape tax The public health impact may be negative.”

Nine-year-old child “proves” that she can say to buy Vape online

A 9-year-old boy from Colorado made a shocking statement to state legislators, telling them that despite their underage, it is still easy to buy steam products online. Audrey Rosen, a fourth grade elementary school student, demonstrated how to buy nicotine-containing cartridges from online retailers. Of course, the premise is that she lied about her age and her parents gave their 9-year-old daughter credit card information.

State lawmakers claim that more restrictions are needed to close the “loophole” to prevent children from buying vapor products online. They want to legitimize teenagers who claim to be old enough to make purchases, and transfer responsibility to victims of underage scammers. In fact, there are no loopholes YOOZ Vape Pod System. Federal law already prohibits the sale of these products to anyone under the age of 18. Rosen (and anyone who uses her as a forward) does not indicate that there is a loophole that needs to be closed. She deliberately deceived the company, and then asked them to be punished for their dishonesty.

Kansas pushes ban

Democratic lawmakers from Kansas have proposed a new law that will ban almost all Vape flavors. Advocacy groups including the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and American Lung Association are cracking down on the crackdown. They are annoyed that the recent federal flavor ban only applies to the replacement system.

According to the new law, all spices except menthol will be banned, and pressure groups also hope to ban it WOTOFO RDA. However, Republican representative John Barker responded to the despotism’s demands and told them: “If you get 95% of what you want here, you need to call it a victory.”

In addition to banning spices, the bill will raise the age for buying tobacco and vapor products to 21, prohibit the use of vending machines, and charge retailers higher fees.

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