What is the GeekVape Boost?

It’s about time to upgrade your old AEGIS system! The new GeekVape Aegis Boost Cartridge provides the same high quality of performance at a lower price. With a variety of features including multiple atomizer banks, variable wattage power settings, and smooth liquid cooling for optimal performance, the GeekVape Aegis Boost is an excellent value. Here are some advantages of the e Juice Plus Cartridge from GeekVape:

aegis boost

The new AEGis boost gives you the option to change your atomizer coils to a coil set that you prefer. This is great for people who enjoy one flavor but may want to try another. If you prefer to use the same wattage/volumetric range on all of your mods then this feature is not for you. However, if you are a constant aegis boost user, changing the flavor or wattage may change the performance you get from your mod.

The aegis boost also offers two options in refillable tanks: the standard jackaroo pod kit and the unique geek pod kit. The standard jackaroo pod kit includes a stainless steel tank, which is easily modifiable according to your personal preference. On the other hand, the unique geek pack includes a glass tank, which is more difficult to mod with, and is not interchangeable with the stainless steel tank. Both of these tanks are compatible with the standard aegis boost but are available separately if you want a different coil configuration.

The aegis geekvape aegis boost’s unique output power comes from its variable voltage output. The wattage can be increased by simply changing the output voltage, which makes the unit quite versatile. It has a variety of output voltages, ranging from five to fifty thousand volts. Some of the models also have a variable temperature control, although this is only on some models. If you are looking for a unit that allows you to control the output power at a lower level, then you may consider a model with a lower wattage/voltage.

Modulating the actual airflow on an AEGIS Boost is another feature you will want to pay close attention to. The unique “Vapor Helmet” technology provides a very soft vapor trail that helps improve your experience. The unit also includes two side by side ports for easy portability. The vaporizer also comes with a replaceable battery, which makes it convenient to use.

The last major thing to take a look at is the build quality of the AEGIS Boost. Like most vapes the unit is portable and extremely light. Although it is lightweight it does not feel cheap in the hand. This build quality can be seen in every aspect of the AEGIS Boost from the portability of the battery to the overall build quality of the device. You should not have any issues using the AEGIS Boost while out hiking or running as it is extremely light and compact.

One feature that many people will find useful is the adjustable airflow dial. When you first receive your AEGIS boost you will notice that there is a dial on the side that can be used to adjust the power output. To change the output wattage simply turn the dial up or down. The AEGIS Boost comes standard with a 1500mah battery that should be fully charged before every use. Once the battery is fully charged, it should allow you to hit the ground running and using the AEGIS Boost without a hitch.

A little extra you may want to consider is the fact that the AEGIS Boost comes standard with two preinstalled fans and a back plate. The fan is located in the front of the unit and helps to distribute air to the coils located on the back of the unit. The back plate is used to catch any stray air that may escape the system. Many AEGIS Boost owners report that after changing the batteries and setting the airflow dial to high with the included fan and back plates they are able to get over 80% of the clouds in their scope. If you are looking for a good airsoft product with a good value then take a look at the GeekVape Boost.

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