New Advancements in the Minivape Vaporizers

The MiniVape series by Vapors gives you the option of delivering concentrated, premixed e-liquid directly to your personal vaporizer or other personal vaporizer with the click of a single button. This new product from Vapors is designed to be the easiest way to enjoy your favorite e-liquid flavors right in the comfort of your own home. The new Vapors Mini Vaporizer Battery is one of the hottest selling products on the market for many reasons. Read on to find out why this product is so popular and how it can save you money.


One great feature about the MiniVapors line of products is that it offers you everything you need to get started right at home. This package includes popular MiniVape2 reusable, rechargeable battery, three (3) clear, hollow, empty ceramic coils, a high quality stainless steel and glass syringe, and three (3) magnetic adapters so that you can easily and quickly switch between different cartridges. These essential kits make it easy to enjoy all of the benefits that the high quality MiniVapors product has to offer. Plus, there is an included magnetic coupler so that you never have to worry about compatibility issues between your minivape and other electronic devices.

There are many benefits to choosing the new MiniVapors Vaporizer over the competition. First, the Mini Vaporizer gives you an extremely affordable starter kit with a lot of features and capabilities. The advanced ceramic technology in the MiniVapors ensures that your vaporizer will produce a highly flavorful e-liquid that’s perfect for vaporizing. Additionally, the durable stainless steel design of the body and the powerful stainless core motor allow you to use the vaporizer for up to forty minutes between recharges. The unique magnetic coupler system allows you to use the mini vaporizer no matter where you are, because it can be conveniently brought along anywhere.

Secondly, the superior airflow system of the mini vaporizer allows you to easily vaporize your favorite herbs, candies, or beverages. With the patented magnetic coupler and low heat structure, the airflow system allows the vapor to draw in flavors from any type of electronic cigarette. This makes the minivape trademark highly versatile and user friendly for most any occasion. You can also take this device with you wherever you go because it is a compact, lightweight, and extremely portable version of the original.

Third, the new mini vape has a unique heating system that eliminates the need for a battery and allows you to enjoy the vapor without having to continually monitor the battery. The heating coil is made of high grade stainless steel, and is designed to heat the air to the proper temperature quickly and efficiently. The heating coil also has the ability to shut off automatically, so the battery does not have to be constantly monitored. Also, with the advanced temperature sensing technology, you can precisely control how much heat goes into the air. Once the heating coil detects the correct temperature, the power is turned on, and the heating coils and ceramic plates begin to rapidly heat up the air inside the tank.

The last major advancement in the minivape trademark was the use of the patented magnetic power coupler. This innovative coupler draws electrical current through the innovative double-sided tapered heat exposure chamber, and then transfers that current to the power module via the USB cable. This eliminates the need for a bulky battery, providing you with long hours of continuous mobile phone charge.

The final major innovation in the new minivape products is the extremely useful self-cleaning cartridge. The self-cleaning cartridge allows you to maintain your electronic cigarette’s performance, as well as your overall battery life. In the past, this has not been possible. The self-cleaning cartridge features an indicator light that turns red when it needs to be replaced, and will not allow you to overfill your units.

These three innovations represent the newest state of the art technology from the manufacturer of the original vaporizer. The minivape site offers advice on every aspect of the minivape product line. They provide a detailed overview of each product’s benefits, including pros and cons. In addition, the site provides easy to follow instructions and helpful tips, so you begin enjoying your vaporizer immediately!

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