The Features of VOOPOO Kit

Voopoo┬ábrand was first launched in Italy in 1995 and it was an instant hit. The company that manufactured VOOPOO Company is named “iovopoi”. In fact, it has been sold all over the world. Many famous celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Kate Moss and Eva Longoria have worn the VOOPOO. So, it has become a part of everyone’s daily life and most especially with the high demand for wireless headphones. There are many types of VOOPOO products available in the market, which we will discuss here briefly.

Original VOOPOO Pod: The VOOPOO Pod is an extremely compact and lightweight headset that provides excellent sound quality and comfort. This particular pod can hold more than eight hours’ worth of talk time and it has two standard sizes which are oval and triangle. It also comes with a USB connector. Original VOOPOO Pod comes in different colors like black, grey and nude. You can order this product either directly from the company or you can place your order on various online stores.

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Second version: VOOPOO VINCI X 70W – This VOOPOO VINCI X 70W headset offers users with a super large sound quality. Users find it comfortable and they can enjoy their calls easily. The technology behind this model is based on the latest wireless technology with the help of a super cool transmitter. With the help of the wireless technology, this pod system kit allows users to easily carry it anywhere they go. Users can transfer it easily into their pocket, which makes it very useful for students and professionals alike.

High Quality Coils: The VOOPOO kit comes with high quality and durable wires that have been carefully twisted and bonded together. There are also tiny holes at the end so that there is no air blockage and all the air is able to move inside freely. The entire unit has two kinds of airflow options: standard and variable. The standard airflow is what most people prefer as it does not cause any obstruction at the ear canal. However, if you want you can set the variable airflow according to your preference.

Mesh Coil Compat: Another great feature of the VOOPOO is the presence of a mesh coil compatible around the exterior. Users feel that the feel of the material is extremely comfortable and it gives complete ventilation to the ear canal. This helps in reducing buzzing and also provides ample amount of air flow. The mesh coil compatible has been made of high quality plastic and it has rubber seals around the mesh coil.

Two Companies: VOOPOO has two brands – Elmer and Dicom. They have different sets of earpieces. You can easily identify them because they both have different color combination’s. One of the brands has slightly larger and heavier ear coil heads and the other one has smaller and lighter ones.

Types of Units: VOOPOO provides two main types of units, namely, the Toner and the Pod. The Toner is used for taking small amounts of juice quickly. The pod is the next best choice for people who want to store their favorite drinks for a longer time span. Generally, the pods are filled with fresh juice and then they are placed in the Toner.

Types of Pods: The VOOPOO offers two basic types of pods – Dry and Wet. Basically, the dry pod is similar to any other kind of pod but they have an additional gel that seals the juices inside. On the other hand, the wet pod is filled with water and they are used for taking concentrated juice. The concentration may vary depending on the manufacturer and it can also vary based on the flavors that you would like to have. If you would like to know more about these two pods, then visit my blog and I will give you all the information you need.

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