Vape player’s self-cultivation

NO.1 Smoking is prohibited under the age of 18!

   This is also one of the principles that Chuoba always adheres to. Don’t say here that e-cigarettes are not cigarettes. Don’t take our previous set of “e-cigarette health and safety theory” that is really correct but not applicable to minors. Before you are a minor, your task is to learn how to make progress every day. When you are young enough to be responsible for your actions, come to your Vape for close contact.

   There have been many news reports about the sale of “electronic cigarettes” around the school. Although this is not a real electronic cigarette, if you find out, you must stop or report it to the relevant departments in time. Protecting minors is our common responsibility.

  NO.2 Cherish life and stay away from drugs!

   When you come into contact with e-cigarettes, there will be some e-liquid of unknown origin. Some people will tell you, come and taste it? ? The smell of ~ Don’t float! Don’t be moved! How much do you remember? E-liquid containing cannabis will have a serious impact on your body and brain IJOY vape Pod .

   When you choose temptation, you will always go against the Vapor Code. If you actively encourage others to smoke marijuana, How dare you!

NO.3 Polish your eyes, No for No die

We have repeatedly emphasized that the purchase of equipment and e-liquid channels must be authentic. I will not repeat them here. You should not try e-liquid prepared by non-professionals. For example, you and your friends take it yourself on a breezy afternoon. Various unidentified items in the kitchen began to adjust the strange smoke oil, ranging from vomiting to an explosion. I didn’t lie to you, don’t underestimate the chemical reaction.

NO.4 can be individual, not awkward

   It is necessary to confirm whether e-cigarettes are allowed in public places. Even if the place allows them, if there are a large number of people present, there are old people and children, we suggest not to smoke them. Vapor is not a weird person who walks in the steam IJOY Captain Resin TC Mod Kit. Respect, the rules are important, but respect is the tolerance given to each other.

NO.5 When traveling, watch and listen more

When going out, Vapors will inevitably bring their favorite equipment, but please note here: If you are in a play/work situation, it is best to find out whether the country allows e-cigarettes. For example, Thailand strictly prohibits e-cigarettes. Yes, then you should not take personal risks.

  Secondly, take care to pull out the battery when taking an airplane. Do not put e-liquid in the atomizer. The air pressure causes the e-liquid to leak, which is easy to stick everywhere. If there is too much smoke oil, remember to check it.

NO.6 Don’t deceive, don’t deceive, be honest

The social interaction here is very broad. There are not many second-hand transactions in the e-cigarette circle Eleaf Vape. It is understandable for everyone to exchange their love with each other, but when you exchange fake or semi-scrap products with someone’s real baby, when you take When using fake photos to swindle others to make money, have you ever thought that the other party’s two-meter sword is already in a hurry? Of course, P’s personal photos don’t count, who doesn’t love beauty.

NO.7 Entertaining life, don’t be arrogant

   Relax this one. After all, it’s the last class. Vapors are all queer, thief pays attention to thief personality, we are different! There is no doubt about this! Some people like Vape to socialize, and some people find objects by e-cigarettes, all of which exist! We also encourage~ We hope that all Vapors can be happy!

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